At the KROUPAHELÁN's office sitting twice a week,
for gaining legal experiences I'm feeling like a freak.
If I ever have a problem with a legal task,
my awesome colleagues help me when I ask.
Plenty of tasks of different kinds I'm assigned every day,
thanks to feedback I can learn how to make them in the right way.

Harmonize internship with school is not any fight,
if there is no need of office, I can work at night.
But the highlight is that at KROUPAHELÁN you aren't just a flunky
'cause our bosses know that copying is a work for a trained monkey.
Kateřina Františková

Would you like to go through an internship at a law firm, in which you will learn something new? Then KROUPAHELÁN law firm fits the bill. There's no need to be afraid of never-ending copying. Almost exclusively legal tasks are assigned to interns, from preparation of contracts and its checking, legal researches, writing of expert articles to drafting of pleadings. The attorneys always make time for discussing assigned tasks with interns and give them a feedback and junior lawyers are whenever willing to give you advice. There are a varied work, an openness to new legal topics and the agreeable team waiting for you at the law firm KROUPAHELÁN.

Irena Kaletová

An internship at KROUPAHELÁN is much different from other internships. Tasks are assigned to interns by attorneys themselves. There was never a problem to discuss an assigned task with an attorney or a junior lawyer. You always get a detailed feedback when the work is done -  whether a commendation or an explanation of what wasn't quite right. Task are miscellaneous, both from the area of private and public law. And the environment? Friendly. I can definitely recommend an internship at the KROUPAHELÁN.

Jan Brož